Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can I ship you my firearm?
A: Absolutely, you can ship us your firearm and we can ship it directly to you at the same address.  Engraving is considered as "repair" by the ATF.  You are more than welcome to use a FFL in your area if you would prefer.
Q: Are you a FFL Dealer?
A: Yes we are.  We hold a valid FFL and if you need us to send it to another FFL, please contact us with a good email or fax number to send that to.  The ATF does not want FFL dealers sending their licenses directly to individuals.
Q: Can you engrave NFA (National Firearms Act) information?
A: Yes.  We have the equipment to meet NFA requirements as far as depth and size.
Q: Where do I ship my firearm?
A: Our address is: FE, LLC   7275 W. 97th Street, Overland Park, KS 66212
Q: Will it void my warranty?
A: You would need to check with your gun manufacturer to see if engraving it voids the warranty, but we will say that we have no reason to believe that engraving a firearm would cause any sort of malfunction or other related issue.
Q: Will it rust?
A: We have not had any issues with engraving rusting or causing issues with the finish.  With regular gun maintenance, there should be no issue.
Q: Should I cerakote my firearm before or after engraving?
A: If we engrave your firearm first, there will be enough depth that the coating process won't completely fill in the engraving, but it may not be as deep as visible as before.  It will also be the same color throughout.
If you cerakote or anodize your item first, then the engraving will not be the same color as the finish, but will be deeper and contrast more.  The engraving will not harm the finish that you put on there.
So, either way is perfectly fine, depending on your desired finished look.