Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that we often receive, please see below to see if these answer any questions you may have:

Q:  Can I ship my firearm to you?

A:  Absolutely! The ATF considers engraving as a repair job, with that said, you can mail us a firearm and we can mail it directly back to you.  The return address must be the exact same as that in which you ship from.  If you choose to go through a location such as UPS Store, then that is the address in which it must be returned.

Q:  Who should I use to ship my firearm?

A:  Each carrier has their own rules and regulations for shipping firearms.  The most common way that we receive and ship firearms is through USPS and UPS.  No matter how you ship the firearm, we recommend you insure the package for it's value, and require a signature for proof of delivery.

Q:  I want decorative scroll on my firearm, can you do that?

A:  We currently do not do any filigree or scrolling on firearms.  This work is done by hand and is a true art form.  We are proud of our work, but is not the same method as hand engraving.  It is our business to stick to what we do best, and that is logos, graphics, text, and such engravings.

Q:  How long does it take?

A:  On average, we ask for about a 1 week turnaround.  Timing can vary depending on workload and time of year, but we complete all engraving in house and strive to return items quickly.

Q: Can you engrave on . . . ?

A:  Basically, we can engrave on any material such as metal, steel, aluminum, wood, polymer and more!

Q: Can you do custom artwork?

A:  We need artwork in vector format, if you don't have vector artwork, we have a third party company who digitizes and creates vector artwork for us.  There is an additional charge but is quoted before we do any work!

Q:  Does the engraving cause rusting?

A: No.  With regular care and maintenance, there are no issues of rusting.  We engrave the firearms to a level which shows the engraving, but not a level where it causes any rusting.  In our 15+ years of engraving, we have not had any reported issues.

Q:  Should I get my firearm coated before or after engraving?

A:  This is a loaded question.  If you are doing something like an AR lower in aluminum and then wanting to coat it, then we would want to put the manufacturer or SBR markings on the receiver first, then you would get it coated.  We are able to engrave the aluminum deep enough to meet ATF regulation, and will still be visible after coating.

If you want super detailed engraving like a family crest, we highly recommend coating first, and then engraving through the coating.  When we create a deep etch, the bit is a V shape, so the deeper it goes, the wider the line, and less detail is apparent.

If you are wanting to coat anything but something in aluminum, then our machines will not go deep enough that will uphold after the coating process, so you will want to coat the firearm first, and then have us engrave.  You must know that we then engrave through the coating to reveal the silver underneath and will be the final look.

Q:  Can you inlay the engraving in gold?

A:  No, the engraving although permanent, is not deep enough to hold the gold fill for any amount of time; therefore, we prefer to stay away from the option.